Posted by: Lisa | April 21, 2010

Spring classes

Now I know there are many of us who can’t wait for the semester to be over, but some people just can’t get enough Public Relations goodness. So why not take a spring class?

This spring there are two course offerings:

PREL 242 – Internal Communications

PREL 243 – Events Management

Suzanne and I will be taking Internal, hopefully we see you there. Margaritas?

Posted by: Elysia | April 21, 2010

What will you do with social media?

As the Edge winds down, I want to thank my project team for all of their insightful, cool posts. I also want to encourage the other project team members to tell us about any future plans in the social media realm. Will you start your own blog? I know I will -one on fashion, of course. Perhaps someone will invent a unique tool or website to help users of social media. The possibilites are endless. Let us know what your plans are -we’d love to hear about them!

Posted by: Lisa | April 21, 2010

Finals week

Here we are halfway through finals week, how is everyone doing? I know I’m at the point where my blood is 90% caffeine and sleep is just a fond memory from the past.

I know it might seem cliche, but try and stay positive and remember…

Beerfest and the end of exams are just 2 more sleeps.

What better way to celebrate the end of exams? Good luck everyone!

Posted by: whiteravenryan | April 21, 2010

These Things That I’ve Learned

And so, after a month or so of fun, we’ve come to the end of our time together. Of course, I’m talking about MacEwan and I, for soon I will graduate and be off in the working world.

So, as someone who’s already been through it all, let me attempt to pass on what I’ve learned from my two years of night courses at MacEwan university. Read More…

Posted by: whiteravenryan | April 20, 2010

Paul Byrne Set to Retire

After serving as MacEwan’s president since 1997, Paul Byrne has decided that he’s going to retire. The charismatic and ever-smiling Byrne, 63, says he’s retiring to take a break from things. And why not? After all, this is the man who ushered MacEwan into the age of University.

Cleverly, Byrne is retiring at the height of his popularity. the “University” win was probably the best he was ever going to achieve for MacEwan, so bowing out on top, before any of the bogging down process of actually functioning as a University take place, is extremely shrewd.

I’d go on, but I’m probably too cynical. Byrne struck me as a fair, honest and shrewd man, especially while glad-handing during the university push. He leaves big shoes to fill, and a position that few are willing to take.

Paul Byrne Retires as seen in the Edmonton Journal

Posted by: Elysia | April 20, 2010

Nestle’s blunder goes viral

WARNING: this is not for the faint of heart. The most talked about PR news this week is Nestle’s social media blunder in trying to censor a provocative ad campaing by Greenpeace that blames Nestlé for the plight of Indonesia’s endangered orangutans. The video is shocking, and the story… well, it will make a great pr case study for a soon to be released textbook on PR gawfaws. Check it out.

Posted by: Suzanne Pescod | April 20, 2010

Global Economics – Just kidding, it’s not that serious

One of my favourite stories I have heard today was from a mining analyst on his way through the Calgary airport headed back to the States.  While waiting inline to get food at the food court a fellow American ahead of him was attempting to pay for his sandwich with Canadian money.  The man was about 23 cents short and handed the clerk an American quarter to which she looked him in the face and said “Sir, that’s not enough to cover your bill”. Read More…

Posted by: Elysia | April 19, 2010

Mountain Havoc

Yesterday the media reported that because of the volcanic ash swirling over Europe, Minister of International and Intergovernmental Affairs Iris Evans was forced to cancel her trip to Brussels and the United Kingdom to promote Alberta and the oil sands. Behind the scenes as one of the team of communications staff who had spent hours assisting our team to write and edit speeches, prepare briefing notes and pull together power point presentations the inevitable had happened. It was our fear that she would not get off the ground. Public relations is a constantly moving target, and you can never really be sure of anything. Except perhaps to rely on your well-developed skills as a pr practitioner and your ability to be flexible.

Posted by: whiteravenryan | April 19, 2010

Why is This Man So Happy?

I was reading the Edmonton Sun today and on the second page they had an interesting article accompanied by this picture. The article was about Stepehen Duckett and the military joining forces to open a computer- assisted rehabilitation environment at the Glenrose next year. What I found interesting was that it proved a valuable point about longevity. Read More…

Posted by: Elysia | April 19, 2010

Funniest moment poll


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